Lunch Menu

Home Made Soup of the Day                                                       £3.50
Served with Chunk of Bread

Wiltshire Ham and Mature Cheddar Panini                                  £4.95
Served With Diced Tomato Salad, Rocket Leaves, Homemade Coleslaw and Balsamic Syrup

Tuna Cheese Melt Panini                                              £4.95

Tuna Mayonnaise, Mature Cheddar, served with Diced Tomato Salad, Rocket Leaves,
Homemade Coleslaw and Balsamic Syrup

Roasted Peppers, Mushroom and Mozzarella Panini (V)                          £4.95

Home Roasted Peppers, Seasoned Mushrooms and Mozzarella Cheese, served with
Diced Tomato Salas, Rocket leaves, Homemade Coleslaw and Balsamic Syrup

Open Prawn Sandwich with Homemade Seafood Sauce                                      £6.75

Fresh Atlantic Prawns, Served on Bread of Choice, with Salad Garnish, Coleslaw and
Wedge of Lemon

Cheese Steak Sandwich                                                          £7.25

Minute Steak, served with Fried Onions Mushrooms, Paprika and Melted Cheese on a soft
white roll, accompanied with Home Made Chips and creamy coleslaw

Greek Salad Wrap                                                              £4.95

Mixed Olives, Vine Ripened Tomatoes, Olive Oil and Feta cheese, for a (Vegan) option,
choose Hummus

Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap                                              £4.95

Home Roasted Chicken, Served on a Bed of  Lettuce, with Cream Cheese and Sweet Chilli

Chicken Caesar Salad                                                          £6.50

Home Roasted Chicken, Herb Crusted Croutons, with Shaved Parmesan and Caesar Dressing

Posh Fish finger Sandwich                                              £5.25

Fish Fingers Served on Soft White Bread, on a bed of Rocket with Tartar Sauce

Strawberry, Black Pepper and Mozzarella Salad                                          £5.85

A Great Combination!

Crispy Calamari with Home Made Seafood Sauce                              £5.50

Served with Fresh Salad




Home Made Chunky Chips  £1.75

Olives & Feta £3.75

Garlic Bread £2.00

Garlic Bread with Cheese £2.25

Nachos & Salsa £1.75   

Hummus and Pita Bread £2.25

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